How to view Juliette Binoche's films


This site does not contain links to download or stream any of the films featured. Available films can be legitimately purchased in physical media or as digital downloads from numerous lawful sources.


The well known, high profile films are easy to locate from many DVD/Blu ray outlets or in digital format from many legitimate services. The Internet has made it easier to locate less well known films but caution should taken to ensure compatibility.


When purchasing a film from outside your location, be sure that the DVD/Blu Ray is compatible with your equipment. For example French DVDs are Region 2 and will not play on US DVD players, which are Region 1. Most DVDs purchased in foreign countries will not feature English subtitles.


Many films are also available to rent or purchase as downloads or streams from lawful sources such as iTunes, Netflix and Hulu.


Early French films were not widely distributed outside France and, for the most part, have not been reissued on DVD. From time-to-time used VHS copies become available on and It must be noted that French VHS was in the Secam format, which is not compatible with the PAL format used in most parts of Europe, or the NTSC format used in the US and Canada.

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