A Few Days in September

Quelques Jours

en Septembre

A film by Santiago Amigorena



September 1st, 2001, It's been a decade since French intelligence agent Irene (Juliette Binoche) has heard from her friend Elliot (Nick Nolte), an American CIA operative who left Europe and took up a new identity under mysterious circumstances. Out of the blue Irene gets a letter from Elliot asking her to track down his daughter Orlando (Sara Forestier), and bring her to Paris.


When they arrive in Paris, Irene and Orlando find the family reunion is bigger than they thought when David (Tom Riley), Elliot's American stepson, arrives. However, the get-together is abandoned when Elliot’s arch enemy, William Pound, also appears. It seems he wants to find Elliot too.


Soon the meeting is rescheduled for Venice, where Elliot has a meeting with some shady bankers. Irene learns that Elliot has some inside information about imminent events that will change the world.


Quelques Jours en Septembre (A Few Days in September) Santiago Amigorena’s debut feature is a comic thriller set against fictional events in the days leading up to the 9/11 attacks. Playing against type, Juliette Binoche excels in creating a thoroughly original secret agent.

Official Selection

Venice Film Festival

Irène Montano

Juliette Binoche

William Pound

John Turturro


Sara Forestier

Tom Riley

with a special appearance by
Nick Nolte
as Elliot

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French trailer with English subtitles


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Czech TV spot


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Media Reel (September 2006) (FR)


Alternative opening & alternative ending


Juliette Binoche talks about Quelques jours en septembre


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Quelques Jours en Septembre

"Generique Debut" by Laurent Martin

"Generique de Fin" by Laurent Martin


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Quelques Jours en Septembre

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